Client better have my money

Invoice Me is the lightning fast invoicing tool for freelancers.
Simply make an invoice, send it to your client, and get paid.
it all gets saved to your hard drive.

No accounts, no frills, completely free.

About Invoice Me started as a 48hr project. Now its a working product, and I am providing it for free.
I have big plans for this project, and it will continue to grow. Already on my feature list is: user accounts, unique links for each invoice so we can do away with the pdf document system, and a working system for accounting freelance money flow.
If you want to see any of these features in the near future, you can donate at the link in the nav bar, subscribe to our mailing list, or spread to word to all your freelance (or non-freelance) friends.
I plan on keeping completely free as long as I can, and your donations will help keep this website up, and free from subscriptions.

- Connor Norvell, Founder and Developer of Invoice Me.

How it works

You create an invoice using this website. Basically you will fill out a super simple form. And it makes the invoice for you.
I know, pretty "neat". After that, the website will automatically compile your form into a really cute invoice, and turn that cute invoice into an even cuter pdf. Then you can save it right to your hard drive, and email it to your client.

Then you can come back to this site, and you'll be super happy because you got paid, and you'll probably be like "I can't believe this is free!" and "how can I thank you?!" and then you will probably be like "Oh! there is a donate button. sweet." and you'll donate and we I'll be all happy and will be like "thanks! that was super nice of you to donate money because I worked really hard an-" you get the gist of it.

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We promise, no spam, only new features

Invoice Me is a side project of Connor Norvell.


No, really. It's 100% free. However, if you want to donate, there is a link in the navbar.
You could also help support me by sharing this site with like minded individuals.
And you could join my mailing list to help support some other projects I build in the future.

Click anywhere to exit, and create your first invoice.